Philosophy of Religion Made Simple

Clear Thinking About Complex Issues

In Philosophy of Religion Basics: A Jargon-Free Guide for Beginners, Dr. Doug Erlandson provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the philosophy of religion. Its simple and non-technical style covers the major topics of philosophy of religion in a way that even a person with no familiarity with philosophy will understand.

This book is the result of Dr. Erlandson’s three decades of college and university teaching as a specialist in the philosophy of religion. Recognizing that many anthologies and single-author texts can be difficult to grasp, Erlandson has prepared an easy to understand discussion of the topics commonly covered in philosophy of religion.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • The relation of faith and reason
  • The attributes of God and the arguments for his existence
  • The problem of evil
  • Miracles, the relation of religion and science, and the possibility of survival of death
  • The significance of Pascal’s Wager

˃˃˃ Perfect as an Introductory Text and for Independent Study

Philosophy of Religion Basics is suitable as a text in an introductory philosophy of religion course or the philosophy of religion section of a general survey course. It is also ideal for independent study.