Are You Dreading the Future?

The Bible gives reason for hope and optimism.

What the Bible Says About the Future is a carefully-reasoned, biblically-based discussion of the issues commonly known in theology as “eschatology.” Writing in an engaging and easy-to-understand style, Dr. Doug Erlandson begins by contrasting the apparent optimism about the future found in the Bible to the discouragement widespread among Christians today.

To see whether this optimism is justified, Erlandson looks at what the Bible sasy about the crucial issues.

What the Bible Says About the Future Answers These Questions

  • Who is the antichrist?
  • Who is the Beast of Revelation and what is the significance of 666?
  • When does the Great Tribulation take place?
  • Will Christ’s Second Coming take place before or after the millennium?
  • Which prophecies have been fulfilled and which have not?

˃˃˃ Is Optimism Justified?

After careful examination of the relevant Scriptures, What the Bible Says About the Future returns to the question, “Should we be optimistic?” Erlandson summarizes the biblical evidence for the progressive advance of Christ’s Kingdom on this earth prior to his glorious return at the end of earth’s history. He then presents and responds to various commonly-raised objections to postmillennialism (the view that Christ will return after the millennium). The final section of this chapter describes the comfort postmillennialism provides.