A Jargon-Free Guide for Beginners

Cutting Edge Issues in Bioethics

Straightforward Talk about Controversial Issues

In Bioethics Basics: A Jargon-Free Guide for Beginners, Dr. Doug Erlandson provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the rapidly developing discipline of bioethics. Drawing on his years of teaching and research in bioethics, Erlandson takes readers step by step through the major issues in bioethics, as he describes and critiques the views of various bioethicists. Even those who have no background in science, medicine or philosophy will be able to understand his straightforward, nontechnical explanations.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • In-vitro fertilization, cloning and surrogacy. Are they moral?
  • Euthanasia. Should it be legalized?
  • Abortion. Is it a woman’s right to choose?
  • Genetic Engineering. What are the pitfalls?
  • Scarce Medical Resources. Who gets them?

˃˃˃ Other Topics

Stem-cell research, paternalism and informed consent, and the right to experimental and unapproved treatments are also covered in this book.

˃˃˃ Suitable as a classroom text and for independent study

Bioethics Basics is a good choice for introductory college-level classes as well as for those who want to study independently.

Home-schooled students will also find this helpful as they explore challenging controversial issues.