What If God Is Real?

A Compelling Memoir by a Formerly Skeptical Scholar

In Faith Reborn: A Personal Apologetics, Dr. Doug Erlandson tells why he became a “scientistic materialist” while an undergraduate at Wheaton College, one of the foremost evangelical colleges in the United States. He describes how, after twelve years of wandering through atheism and pantheism, he again became a Christian while teaching in the philosophy department of the University of Nebraska. Throughout the book, Dr. Erlandson weaves his account of the factors that led him to question his non-Christian worldview around a serious presentation of Christian apologetics.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • Why the cosmological and design arguments are persuasive
  • What materialism can’t explain
  • How the problem of evil can be resolved
  • Why we should believe in Christ’s bodily resurrection
  • What we can learn from Pascal’s Wager

˃˃˃ What Others Are Saying About Faith Reborn

Dr. Erlandson easily blends the story of his personal journeys with his broad and deep understanding of philosophy and theology. I found myself jotting down philosophical concepts that I wanted to research more and understand better. (Joanne Bryson)

I love true stories. Telling a story–especially a true story or testimonial–is one of the best ways to communicate. This story of a man’s recovery of faith is told from the heart. But it’s more than a story. It’s an explanation of some of the best reasons for the Christian faith. I recommend it for anyone who is struggling to believe. (Emwcee)