A Guide to Critical Thinking

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

The Principles of Straight Thinking

How to Think Clearly: A Guide to Critical Thinking is an easy-to-understand and lively introduction to the serious issues of learning how to think clearly and being able to spot the difference between good and bad reasoning. Dr. Doug Erlandson draws on concrete examples of good and bad reasoning from the political and social realm and everyday life to make his points in a sometimes lighthearted but always meaningful way.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • Identifying the differences between good and bad arguments
  • Avoiding fallacies
  • Creating good explanations
  • Assessing probabilities
  • Recognizing that statistics and numbers can lie

˃˃˃ Here’s How You Benefit

How to Think Clearly gives you the tools you need to critically assess the claims and counterclaims with which you are bombarded by politicians, pundits, commentators and editors, as well as coworkers, friends and family, and will aid you in developing skills to present your view in ways that are clear, coherent, sensible and persuasive.