Join the Anti-Aging Revolution Now

A Five Point Strategy for Winning the War Against Aging

In Live Long/Live Well, Dr. Doug Erlandson analyzes the implications of the anti-aging revolution for Boomers, Gen Exers and Millenials and presents practical strategies to insure a long and healthy life at any age.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • How to Attain Financial Independence and Why This is Absolutely Essential
  • Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Vibrant Health Tomorrow
  • How to Find Fulfillment Through a Lifetime of Work
  • Taking Time to Build Strong and Healthy Relationships
  • Making Certain That You Leave a Legacy

˃˃˃ Plan Now

You can implement this five-point plan for living successfully now. No matter where you are now with your finances, health, work and relationships, you can live fully. You can be the very best you. This book not only describes the steps you can take now, it encourages you to do it. You make the choices. This book gives you the roadmap.

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