How Contemporary Worship Is Starving the Church

A Must-Read Book on Worship

It’s Not Just About the Music

In Spiritual Anorexia: How Contemporary Worship is Starving the Church, Dr. Doug Erlandson presents a balanced but devastating critique of the contemporary-style worship model and shows how this type of worship deprives Christians of the feast of true corporate worship.

Drawing from personal experience and extensive research into the history of Christian worship, Dr. Erlandson analyzes the motivations for contemporary-style worship and assesses its strengths and weaknesses. He argues persuasively that corporate worship should be a dramatic presentation of the Gospel. Historically, Christian worship has included distinctive elements in making this presentation. These elements include the call to worship, recitation of the creeds, confession of sin, absolution, Christ-centered preaching and a benediction.

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Book

  • Contemporary Music
  • Modern Preaching
  • Worship Center vs. Church
  • Traditional Elements of Worship
  • Who Says New Is Better?