A Jargon-Free Guide to Epistemology

How Do We Know What We Know?

An Introduction to the Major Theories of Epistemology

In The Theory of Knowledge A Jargon-Free Guide to Epistemology, Dr. Doug Erlandson provides a straightforward and easy-to-understand overview of the area of philosophy that deals with the concept of knowledge. Drawing on the thought of philosophers past and present, Erlandson examines and evaluates their views in a lively and engaging manner.

The Theory of Knowledge Answers These Questions

  • What is knowledge?
  • Can I really know anything?
  • Where does knowledge come from?
  • What’s the relation between the mind and the world?
  • How do I know that other minds exist?

˃˃˃ Suitable as a classroom text and for independent study

The Theory of Knowledge is a basic introduction to epistemology and presupposes no prior familiarity with philosophical thought. It is suited for introductory philosophy classes and for independent study.